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NOVOTERM insulation

Ecological cleanliness and comfort of your home and office!



- a modern plant for the production of heat and sound insulation materials is located in Kharkiv (Ukraine).
All the company's products are certified in accordance with the regulatory documents of Ukraine


Areas of application


Heat and sound insulation of frame structures

A frame house is a structure, the basis of which is a frame - wooden or made of a metal profile

Heat and sound insulation of facades

The facade is the "face" of the building, which has a great aesthetic value, its architectural appearance. But, in addition to this, the insulation of external walls is an integral part of the construction of new facilities and the reconstruction of old ones.


Heat and sound insulation of roofs

Up to 60% of all heat losses occur through the roof. It is this part of the building that is a barrier that protects the premises both from the heat escaping to the outside and from the penetration of atmospheric precipitation inside.​

Heat and sound insulation of floors

The issue of heat and sound insulation of the floors is a priority when considering the ceilings of the first floors above the basements. In buildings, such ceilings account for up to 20% of all heat losses.


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