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Newest production

Activities of "NOVOTHERM" LLC

aimed at the implementation of all established regulatory documents and addressed to:

  • increasing the competitiveness of the company's products on sales markets;

  • minimization of the harmful impact on the environment and its constant control;

  • responsible attitude of the company's personnel to product quality and environmental protection.


The products of the "NOVOTHERM" LLC trademark are of high quality, and the wide assortment makes our products irreplaceable in any field of construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures.

Production process

The equipment of the technological line for the production of mineral wool products is fully automated, equipped with control systems andvisualization. All operations, from the loading of raw materials to the delivery of packaged products to the warehouse, are performed automatically. Prepared raw materials from basalt and dolomite rocks, as well as solid fuel coke, are delivered from the storage warehouse to the output bunkers located at the raw material loading area. Dispensing hoppers are equipped with vagodosing equipment, which allows you to dose the initial components in strictly specified proportions. With the help of conveyors, the weighed raw material enters the melting furnace (cup furnace), where under the influence of high temperature, more than 1500 ° C, it melts and with the help of special trays it is fed to the fiber formation unit (centrifuge). The previously prepared solution of the binder and modifying additives is evenly sprayed on the newly formed fibers. With the help of a powerful flow of air, the fibers, irrigated with a binder, are blown and settled in the chamber on the lamellar conveyor.

In the further part of the formation, there is a uniform distribution of the thin carpet of fibers, taking into account the given thickness and density of the finished product. The formed mineral wool carpet, having passed the pressing stage, enters the polymerization chamber, where under the influence of temperature, the carpet is dried and the binders are polymerized (hardening). At the exit from the chamber, the carpet cools down and is sent to the cutting (cutting) area for finished products of a given length, width and thickness. Finished products of specified sizes are stacked and packed in polyethylene film. Prepared bundles are placed on pallets by a robot and then packed in stretch-hood film. Ready pallets with products are sent to the warehouse, from where they are then shipped to the consumer


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