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Heat and sound insulation of the floor


"FLOOR" series


The issue of heat and sound insulation of the floors is a priority when considering the ceilings of the first floors above the basements. In buildings, such ceilings account for up to 20% of all heat losses.

Floor constructions of inter-floor ceilings should provide the necessary sound insulation and be resistant to mechanical influences.

There are two types of floors: a floor on logs and a "floating" floor.

NOVOTHERM NT Light 30, NT Light 35, NT Acoustic 45 (for sound insulation) with a density of up to 45 kg/m³ are used in the joist floors, which are placed between the joists in a spacer. The logs themselves are laid on elastic sound insulation pads to ensure the necessary sound insulation parameters. "Floating" floor is a sheet cake, which contains materials with different properties that act in a bond. The main feature of floating floors is the absence of a rigid connection between the base and the walls.

In floating floors, it is recommended to use NOVOTHERM NT Podloga heat and sound insulation boards.

To prevent the contact of the monolithic screed with the walls, pre-cut strips of stone wool are installed around the perimeter of the room, the height of which exceeds the design height of the screed.

For heat and sound insulation of the floors of production buildings, warehouses, hangars and other structures where there is an increased load on the floor structures, it is recommended to use heat and sound insulation boards of the NT Podloga 150 brand with increased strength.

NOVOTERM heat and sound insulation for floors provides:


  • reduction of heating and air conditioning costs;

  • increasing the comfort of indoor spaces;

  • improvement of sound insulation characteristics of structures.

It is used as a heat and sound insulation layer in floors on the ground and "floating" floors with the arrangement of reinforced concrete screed in civil and industrial construction.



"Floor 125"

It is used in residential premises for insulation and sound insulation in the floor on the ground and "floating" floor with the arrangement of reinforced concrete screed (in the floor with a normative value of loads up to 3.0 kPa).

"Floor 150"

It is used for heat and sound insulation of floors of structures with increased load (production buildings, warehouses, workshops, etc.).


The version of physical and technical indicators in English is available for download

НT Підлога 125
Щільність, кг/м3 ± 10%
Стабільність розмірів по довжині, ширині, товщині при [(25 ± 2) °С, (90 ± 5)%, 48 г], %, не більше
Теплопровідність при температурі (10 ± 0,5) °С, Вт/(м·К), не більше
Теплопровідність при температурі (25 ± 5) °С, Вт/(м·К), не більше
Міцність на стиск при 10% деформації, кПа, не менше
Міцність на стиск під точковим навантаженням при деформації 5мм, Н, не менше
Вміст органічних речовин, % за масою, не більше
Водопоглинання при повному зануренні, % за об'ємом, не більше
Водопоглинання при частковому зануренні короткочасне, кг/м2, не більше
Водопоглинання при частковому зануренні довгострокове, кг/м2 , не більше
Паропроникність, м2 /м·год·Па, не менше
Повітропроникність, кг/м2*год., не більше
Вологість, % за масою, не більше
Термін ефективної експлуатації, років, не менше
Нормальний коефіцієнт звукопоглинання при товщині шару 60 мм, Гц
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